We Do Graphic

& Logo Design. 

We've had the honor of creating some pretty cool logos for some really great clients. We love colors and getting your brand just perfect.


Logo branding for online vintage clothier based out of Atlanta.

The client expressed the desire for a bold, colorful design that would be recognizable and usable for branding merchandise.


Logo design for a suburban neighborhood association.

The client wanted a design that residents could purpose for branding apparel, digital stationary and other materials affiliated with the association. 


A product logo design.

The client requested a minimalist logo to be used for branding purposes on a product that could also speak to the visual identity of the brand.

New Detroit Services.png


Logo design for accounting & payroll service agency.

Client desired a simplistic design with a color palette of earth tones that would be complimentary to an overall branding strategy inclusive of a website.


Logo design for major American manufacturer to represent a mentoring program between executives and interns.

Client expressed a desire for colors and a texture in the design that mimics the look and feel of the automotive corporation's existing brand. 



Simplistic and modern design for certified fitness entrepreneur based in Harlem, NY.


Client requested a logo representative of their brand that could also speak to the diversity of their clientele.


Logo design for entrepreneur in the health & wellness industry.

Client had definitive ideas as to the look and feel of their design. They requested something that represents wholeness and a fresh, new start on a journey to wellness.


Logo design for entrepreneur in the barber & beauty industry desiring to promote their brand and product line.

Client requested an update of a previously existing logo.


Logo design for entrepreneur specializing in self-love awareness and financial literacy.

Client expressed the desire for specific design elements that represent the look and feel of a brand catering to women.


Logo design for boutique consignment shop that could be purposed across all branding platforms (signage, social media, business cards, merchandise tagging).


NYC Diversity Strategist seeking to create a brand using their name in a logo design that speaks to their diversity work in the corporate and non-profit realms.


Michigan-based Airbnb property owners seeking a logo design to represent their brand that says creative, innovative and stylish.